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Program In Web Design (6 Months)


Web Design typically includes a combination of text, images, animation, audio video & other interactive forms of media, embedded in the presentable form for web / internet. This program exposes you to the art & technology of creating web templates; web banners; responsive as well as interactive flash web pages and animated e-presentations.

Program Content:

  • Website Design concept
  • Web Animation
  • Flash Script
  • Website Basics
  • Web Script
  • Web Layout
  • Server Side Script
  • Responsive Layout – UI
  • Video Editing


  • Adobe Flash
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Java
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • PHP
  • Boothstrap
  • Adobe Premiere

Emerging Student Profile:

The emerging student will gain complete understanding of website design. He / She will be capable designing websites independently.